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It was Jed's idea, really. Jed&Jo met while working with Four Quarter Theater in NYC on a short comedy about Global Warming. Since then we've played husband and wife so many times that we figured we ought to make it a twosome. 


And then we took the leap.

JO WALKER  is a newbie to the improv universe. She's an actor, singer, and writer and has performed in shows from musicals to one-woman cabarets to Chekhov. A recent UCB alum, Jo loves traveling, fantasy fiction, and hats. SAG/AEA

JED OLDENBURG  started his improv career as a 4-year-old improvising complex songs about horses from the back seat of the family car. He took a detour to pursue acting, and a few years later became a UCB improv graduate. He’s played with teams including Crispy Bandits, Daniel No, Miss Piggy and Dan and Jed.

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